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2014-02-11 23:05:32 by ChuckleHuck

It smells like gunpowder and chili out here.  Anyway, my name is Chuckle Huck and I'm a novice animator looking to get better.  Altough I haven't really done any sort of animation(I'm still a bit nervous), I have been doing some research on the side.  But I am a bit stuck on where and how I should get started.  Any suggestions?


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2014-02-12 04:31:14

What do you want to get started with? Well the first step would be getting a program and then... just start animating! Experiment, maybe join up with a few crews or collaborations where not so much is expected of each individual, read tutorials, watch stuff for reference... have fun! :)

Welcome to NG btw.

ChuckleHuck responds:

Oh I see what you're saying, I'll see what I can do thanks!

And it's good to be here bro!